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Contractor Mortgages

image7Typically, you are either an employed person working on a fixed / short term contract (often charity/government workers), or you are a self-employed person that works through one main company (often tradesman). Every lender will have their own policy on which of the two they will and won’t lend to, if at all, based usually on how long you’ve been contracting for, how long you’ve worked in that industry, if you’ve had contracts renewed, how long you have left on your contracts etc. Whether you’ve been contracting in the UK for as little as six months or for many years.

Mortgages specifically for the following types of contract worker (These can be in any industry):

  • Self-employedcontractors with 6 months or more working history
  • Employed fixed/short termcontractors with previous experience
  • Contractors/employees of umbrella companies
  • Zero hours contractswith 6 months working history
  • Agency workerswith at least 12 months working history