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About us

Oxhey finance gives an advice you can trust. We can help you whatever your needs. We can help you with whether it’s putting protection place for things, people or assets that most matters to you. We can help you with debt consolidation, remortgaging or any other financial needs. We can help you whether you are employed, self-employed, director in the firm, Daily rate contractors or if you have a guarantor who guarantee on your mortgage. The Key to finding the right mortgage is to have more choice, at Oxhey finance Limited whether you are buying or remortgaging, we search the market and exclusive rates to find you the best deal. Whatever Your funding requirements we can HELP!

Oxhey Finance will play a pivotal part: we can inform and guide our customer towards the most suitable mortgage for their needs. Oxhey Finance only give ethical advice, this means asking appropriate questions to ascertain the customer’s attitudes and needs, identify the customer’s full financial situation, verify information where possible and offer advice and recommendations that best suit the customer’s current circumstance. Oxhey finance always keeps customer’s best interests at the forefront of any advice or recommendations given.

Oxhey Finance provides Mortgage and insurance for the people who want great service. Visiting any lender means you would be limited to that particular lender only as they will only discuss or offer the products that are available through them whereas with us we will search for the best mortgage and insurance deals in the land. Oxhey Finance is the Best Helping Hand for Mortgage and insurance Deal.

Oxhey Finance can help customer with High net worth. A high net worth customer is defined as one with a minimum annual net income of £300000 or minimum net assets of £3m. In the case of joint applicants, at least one of them must meet the definition in their own right.

Oxhey Finance can also help professional customers; professional customer is defined as someone who has worked in the home finance sector for at least a year, in a professional position that requires knowledge of the product or service to be arranged, who the firm reasonably believes to be capable of understanding the risks involved in the proposed arrangements.

Remortgaging: Oxhey Finance Limited can help you raise funds of your property whether that’s residential or buy-to-let or commercial. It could be additional to current mortgage or completely separate mortgage from different lender. Just like all our other services its advised so make sure it’s suitable/best in your current circumstance and we also explain in-debt all effects and side-effect of it too.

Capital Repayment : With capital repayment each monthly payment consists of a capital element and an interest element. If all the borrower makes all monthly payments when they fall due and adjusts them in line with changes in the interest rate charged the loan is guaranteed to be fully repaid at the end of the mortgage term.

The interest-only : With interest only payment the borrower makes monthly mortgage payments consisting of interest only. The full capital amount remains outstanding during the mortgage term and is repaid in one lump sum at the end of the term.

We specialise in Development Finance & Second Charge Finance.