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Commercial Mortgages


    1. Bridging Finance- bridging finance may be required when a borrower moves house and the date of sale of the existing property falls after the date of acquisition of the new one. Bridging Finance could also be help full if you are intending to buy a property do it up and then sale it for property, so for that small during of time Bridging finance can help as it features with no penalty for small duration, it can also be arranged for limited duration without any tie-up.
    2. Oxhey Finance can help mortgage or remortgage a commercial property at very competitive rates. We have set of commercial lenders who expertise in facilitating commercial mortgages.
    3. At Oxhey finance we can help you get finance for developments of single house/flat or block of flats.

We specialise in Development Finance & Second charge Finance.

We can also arrange for 2nd Second charge. .