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Buying Guide

After looking at a property for you to secure that property estate agent would normally ask you to follow 4 Rules policy, which are as follow:
  1. Agreement in Principal – Oxhey finance can help you receive this the same day. AIP is actually bank agreeing to lend you a particular amount of mortgage based upon information provided by us about you. (Please note- This is not a final decision by bank as AIP is generated with-out verifying or checking yours documents, and it also has to be approved by Under-writer before final Mortgage offer is generated)
  2. Solicitor Details– Oxhey Finance can help you by refereeing to solicitors.(Please Note Oxhey Finance can not be held responsible for a transaction that takes place between you and solicitor)
  3. Proof of ID– Full  British Passport or Full UK license are the best for of ID generally accepted. If you hold any passport out side EU than you might have to also provide with Residence permit issued by UKBA.
  4. Proof of Deposit: Providing estate agent with bank statement reflecting deposit amount available.

Some of the Searches that solicitor performs during the purchase process:


  • Local Authority Searches
  • Drainage Search
  • Environmental Searches
  • Bankruptcy searches
  • Land registry search